4.2 I was paid less than expected




  • Tpook

    How does it work if a client provides a letter of authority but the store manager refuses? The outlet is open therefore minimum payment shouldn't be given it should be full payment as the store is preventing the eye from completing the job that the client has asked us to visit.

  • Neo

    Hello Tpook,

    thanks for your message. In those cases you can close the mission at the point in which you have to say if you were allowed by the store manager.

    You are paid less for two different reasons. The first is that you have less work to do, the mission is reduced in reporting that you were not allowed to do something by the store manager. The second, more important, is to prevent eyes declaring always that store manager prevented interaction. If for a mission you would be paid the same amount to fulfil all tasks or to answer only "I was not allowed...", do you think that anyone would do the mission?

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